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Himeyuri Peace Museum (ひめゆり平和祈念資料館)

A museum where you learn about preciousness of lives and tragedy of war

Himeyuri Peace Museum is a museum for Himeyuri Gakuto tai which served for nursed in the war and died. Stands next to the "Himeyuri Tower". 200 sacrifice, portrait of deceased person, testimony of survivors, and replica of tower goma, appeals the tragedy of war. People are forgetting about the war although, a peace study place which call outs the sadness and importance of peace.
Zip 901-0344
Address Japan Okinawa Itoman City Ihara 671-1 View map
Reserved number 098-997-2100
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30)
Closed: Open All Year
Service menu ・Admission Fee adult 300 yen (10%OFF for more than 20 persons)
・High school 200 yen (10%OFF for more than 20 persons)
・Elementary, junior high school 100 yen (10%OFF for more than 20 persons)
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 30 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Tomishiro I.C. Car (open road) 30 min.
Bus: Himeyurino to-mae Bus stop Walk 3 min. 
Bus: 82,107,108

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