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"48 distilleries, 200 brands, more than 1,000 kind of Awamori (Okinawan sake) and its culture!!!" is exhibited and sold at Okinawan awamori shop. Awamori fan must see it!!!

Shuri is the origin of Awamori. The manufacturers gathered in Ryukyu Kingdom, world-renowned Awamori was produced here. Our shop is located in Shuri, selling 100% specialized old liquor Awamori. Which is also Okinawa proud liquor and thoroughly loyal to its culture. 48 distilleries in Okinawa (including unions), about 200 brands, about 1,000 kind of Awamori exhibit and sale here!!!! One of feature here is that you can purchase various Awamori such as “young” awamori, aged for 30 to 50 years awamori (difficult to obtain). Other awamori culture and history are presented in books and exhibition panels. Also you can get the professional advice from our stuff and a sample taste. Then you will find your favorite awamori!!! “Awamori-kan” is located near the cobble stone road in Shuri, a historical town.
Zip 903-0826
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Shuri Samukawa-cho 1-81 View map
Reserved number 098-885-5681
Open time and parking place Hours: 10:00-18:30
Closed: Tuesday
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 30 minutes
Tomari Port By car (open road) 15 minutes
Okinawa ...

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