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Ishigaki Yaima Viallgae (石垣やいま村)

A theme park where you can experience the Yaeyama culture and nature. The name changed to "Ishigaki Yaima Village" from Yaeyama minzoku garden on Oct 1st, 2008

Ishigaki Yaima Village is located on top of the hill where you can overview the Nagura gulf. As the wild nature in background a reproduction theme park of Yaeyama row of houses. The red tile houses built for more than 80 years
for transferred from the city, Sanshin music, Ryukyu rational construe, Shisa coloring and other experience available. There are water cattle's, horse, and squirrel park. The feeding of cute squirrels are popular.
Nagura Anbaru sightseeing course which can observe the rare plants were designated as Ramsar Convention in Nov, 2005. After a walk in the garden have a local dish at Anbaru store and shopping at stands.
Zip 907-0021
Address Japan Okinawa Ishigaki City Nagura 967-1 View map
Reserved number 0980-82-8798
Open time and parking place Hours: 9:00-17:30 (receptin until 17:00)
Closed: Open All Year
Card information Edy;VISA;MasterCard;NICOS;UFJ
Service menu ・Admission Fee (over junior high school) 840 yen (from Oct 1st, 2008)
・Admission Fee (over 3 yrs old under elementary school) 420 yen (from Oct 1st, 2008)
・Food for squirrel 200 yen (In the squirrel garden Bolivia squirrels are nurtured nearly naturally. Please get the squirrel food in the park. A rare experience of touching the small squirrels)
・Ryukyu costume experience 500 yen (Bingata costume, for men and child, too. Can shoot with your camera. No reservation needed) 
・Shisa coloring 1,200 yen (color the stucco shisa in your favorite color. Reservation available that day. Can take home that day. Please make reservation for groups)
Access Ishigaki Airport Car (open road) 20 min.
Ishigaki Port Car (open road) 15 min.
Kawahira Resort: Yaeya minxokuen-iriguchi Walk 5 min. Hill road. 30 min. from the terminal.
Bus: Motonokura Walk 1 min.

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