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Benthos Divers (ベントスダイバース)

Diving store in Okinawa. Diving experience, PADI, diving school, FUN diving tour and more

A diving shop in Onna village which beautiful coast line spreads out. White sand beach is right in the front.
Neat and fun lectures such as PADI diving school are popular among customers.
At FUN diving, we guide through all areas of Okinawa mainland, mainly Onna village which is loved by its landscape and creature, northern Hedo kape, Motobu, and Kerama.
We focus on safety since we are have been certified by the Okinawa prefcture to be a safety measure selected shop, PADI diving resort and the only TDI (technical diving facility) on the island.
Zip 904-0404
Address Japan Okinawa Onna Village Seragaki 475 View map
Reserved number 098-966-1730
Open time and parking place Hours: 8:00-20:00
Closed: Open All Year
Card information VISA;MASTER;SAISON
Service menu ・Beach diving 5,800 yen and up (equipment rental included, 3 hrs)
Safe for beginners on a white beach
・Boat diving 10,500 yen (equipment rental included, 3 hrs)
Recommended for experienced divers for a special diving
・2 boat fun diving 12,600 yen and up (boarding fee, guide, tank, weight, and drinks included)
Onna village diving are full of points and very close
・Maeda cape blue cave snorkeling adventure 3,800 yen (equipment rental included, 2 hrs)
Popular blue cave snorkeling. Beautiful bright blue lights.
The first diving practice starts from the beach where you can stand up. It is safe and from 8 years old can join the tour. Special diving is recommended after you get use to it. We dive in where ordinary divers do, beautiful coral and fishes are able to see. For divers, we guide you to various places in Onna village. You can request for northern parts and Kerama.
Access Naha Airport By car (Okinawa Expressway) 60 min. After get off at Yaka I.C., take route58 up to Nago about 20 min., and another 5 min. after pass Manza beach.
Our shop is the right side; the parkin

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