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Busena Sea Park (ブセナ海中公園)

Observe the tropical fishes swimming Okinawa ocean on 360 panorama

Busena Resort is located in the seawater park area, many colorful tropical lives around. The "Sea observation tower" shows you the colorful sea and scenery like "Ryugu castle". Descending from the spiral stairs you can meet the butterfly fishes and clown fishes. Do not have to worry about the climate because its inside (ok for small rain and wind), little kids can enjoy the underwater. Can enjoy the coast with a whale shaped glass boat.
Zip 905-0026
Address Japan Okinawa Nago City Kise 1744-1 View map
Reserved number 0980-52-3379
Open time and parking place Sea Observation Tower :Summer time (April-Oct) 9:00-18:00
*May-Aug until 19:00 (last entry 18:30)
Service menu ・Sea Observation Tower 1,000 yen, High school・collage student 800 yen ,4 yrs old-Junior high school 500 yen
・Glass Boat 1,500 yen High school・collage student 1,200 yen, 4 yrs old-Junior high school 750 yen
・Set Price (Sea observation ・Glass Boat) 2,000 yen High school・collage student 1,600 yen, 4 yrs old-Junior high school 1,000 yen
Access Naha Airport Car (open road) 1 hour30 min.
Okinawa Expressway: Kyoda I.C. Car (open road) 5 min.
Bus: Busena Resort-mae Bus stop Walk 5 min. 
Bus: 20,120

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Hello Yanni, I spent three days in Lisbon and I thought is was one of the most earthly and yet atmospheric places I’ve ever seen. I think you did a great job in rendering its character through your lens. Well done!

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