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Mr. Kara kara's Diving School Miyako Island (カラカラ先生のダイビングスクール宮古島)

Complete small class. Rehabilitation diving is held for blank divers.

A diving service thinking for safety, only 5 persons on weekdays and 10 persons for weekends and holidays. For beginners, who hadn't dived in a while, and for those not confident in skills we held rehabilitation diving. To enjoy diving we teach kindly and nicely.
Zip 906-0006
Address Japan Okinawa Miyakojima City Hirara Nishinakasone 187 View map
Reserved number 0980-74-2324
Open time and parking place Hours: 8:00-19:00
Closed: Open All Year
Card information VISA;MASTER;DC
Service menu ・3 day C car course 60,000 yen (all fees included)
・2 Boat 12,000 yen (3 boat: 16,000 yen)
・2 Beach 9,000 yen
Access Miyako Airport Car (open road) 15 min.
Hirara Port Car (open road) 3 min.

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