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The hotel where you can enjoy a resort life in a relaxed way against a background of ocean views

This hotel is located at the southern tip of Onna village which can command the East China Sea. Once you step into it from the entrance, the eleven-story spacious atrium is waiting for you. All the 392 guest rooms, including suite rooms, have a balcony, which offers you laid-back resort life against a background of ocean views.
A lot of facilities are available such as a varies marine sports, 7 unique restaurants, a natural hot spring and much more. We also offer you experience programs for the family such as Sanshin lessons, sweets making, marine lessons and much more.
Zip 904-0416
Address Japan Okinawa Onna Village Yamada 3425-2 View map
Reserved number 098-965-0707
Open time and parking place Check in / Check out 14:00-11:00
Service menu ・Superior twin 17,000 yen and up Breakfast included. Tax and service fee not included
・Deluxe 45,000 yen and up Breakfast included. Tax and service fee not included
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 70 min. 

Okinawa Expressway: Ishikawa I.C. By car (open road) 5 min. 
Bus: Renaissance Resortmae bus stop Walk 1 min. 
Bus Number: 20, 120,.48 

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Flying from where? I’m asking because it cost just that much on a budget airline to fly from Tokyo to Okinawa. Ticket prices over there are seasonal and there is a HUGE disparity based on what time of year you intend to fly. August is really expensive…almost as expensive as May (during Golden Week) I can’t speak for the UK, but the cheapest ticket I have seen from the US roundtrip is about 600,000 yen.

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