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Yukisio kabou Tsuboya main store (雪塩菓房 壺屋本店)

The first Miyako sweets made from salt

The Miyako born “Yuki shio (white powder salt made in Miyako Island)” is used in this salt sweets specialty store. We cover wide variety of sweet and sour original sweets. And also, the Italian cold-brew coffee “Lavazza” is only available at Tsuboya main store. Please relax at our “Yuntaku (chatting)" space with a cup of coffee.
Zip 902-0065
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Tsuboya 1-7-5 View map
Reserved number 098-863-1172
Card information N/A
Service menu ・Cold-brew coffee Lavazza 250 yen
・Yukishio ice cream 350 yen
・Yukishio melba toast (12 pieces) 945 yen
・Yukishio fuwawa (meringue sweets) (one bag) 350 yen
・Yukishio bouche (filled biscuit or bun) (one bag) 150 yen
Access Okinawa monorail: Makishi station 20 min. walk

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