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Yubido (優美堂)

A oasis in the southern battle area

This is right across from the Himeyuri Monument (Himeyuri No To) serving out tea to the people that come to pray at the monument. Also the Sa-ta-andagi (Okinawan doughnuts) are a must try. Wi-Fi internet provided.
Zip 901-0344
Address Japan Okinawa Itoman City Ihara 372-2 View map
Reserved number 098-997-3443
Open time and parking place Hours: 08:30-17:30
Closed: Open All Year
Card information JCB;VISA;MASTER;UC;DC;China UnionPay
Service menu Yubi Set 2,100 yen Seafood fries, Fruits, Salad, Vinegared vegetables, Sashimi, Rice, Okinawa soba
Manjiro Zen 1,575 yen Rice(or Jushi), Asa soup, Gurukun Fry, Stirred fried vegetables, Goya champuru, Sashimi with miso, Mimiga, Vinegared vegetables, Boiled vegetables
Soki Soba Gozen 1,260 yen Soki soba, Goya champuru, Jimami tofu, Vinegared dish, Pumpkin Sa-ta-andagi
Okinawan Makuno Uchi 1,050 yen Gurukun with thick sauce, Fried eggs, Purple sweet potato ball, Vinegared mozuku, Stirred fried vegetables, Goya champuru, Jushi, Boiled vegetables, Okinawa soba, Vinegared vegetables
Okinawa Soba Set 1,050 yen Okinawa soba, Various tempura, Jushi, Vinegared mozuku, Vinegared vegetables
Access 30 minutes from Naha airport
3 minutes from Himeyuri Monument

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