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Hotel Sun Queen (ホテル サン・クイーン)

Woman-friendly hotel located on Kokusai Street. We have a variety of amenities and use softened water for skin care at all the buildings.

<Hotel’s main specialty>
Good location located on Kokusai street and 3 minutes walk from Naha City Monorail Makishi Station.
There are Makishi Public Market and DFS (Duty Free Shop) near the hotel. For the famous Churaumi Aquarium, you can take Route 330 to Nishihara I.C. and get on the Okinawa Expressway.

*Softened water is used at all the buildings. Caring about guests skin and hair care.
*We think much about the guestrooms comfort.
*All of the furniture and floors are made from solid wood.
*24 hour free Internet access in all guestrooms. (All rooms are equipped with LAN cables.)
*Beds from King Coil for your good sleep
*A pair of pajamas
*For the fresh air, all rooms are equipped with air purifier.

*We have various facilities to make your stay convenient.
*There are computers and printers at the lobby for free.
*On the second floor, there are massage-chairs for the guests. (Free)
*Coin operated laundry, useful for a long stay. (2F)
Zip 902-0067
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Asato 2-4-2-1 View map
Reserved number 098-869-6600
Open time and parking place Hours: Reservation 24h, Breakfast 7:00-10:00
Service menu ・Room rate: Depends on the date. Please contact hotel. (Plan with breakfast, group discount available)
Access Naha Airport By car (open road) 15 minutes
Naha City Monorail: Makishi Station By walk 3 minutes

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