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Hanagasa Shokudou 1st Branch

Only few people know the restaurant served by Oba-(Okinawan old lady)

More than 40 years of service where you can satisfy your stomach with hearty dishes by Okinawan old lady called "Oba-".
Hanagasa shokudou both 1st and 2nd stores are located facing New paradise street which is a road behind Kokusai street. Please come by to see Oba- who will give you a heartfelt service when you come close.
Zip 900-0013
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Makishi 1-2-11 View map
Reserved number 098-867-3880
Open time and parking place Hours: 6:30-20:00
Service menu ・Tofu chanpru 600 yen
・Goya chanpuru 600 yen
・Cooked dish of eggplants with miso 600 yen
・Cooked dish of luffa with miso 600 yen
・Stir-fried pork with vegetables 700 yen
Access Naha City Monorail : Miebashi Station Walk 5 minutes
Naha City Monorail : Kencho Mae Station Walk 10 minutes
Naha City Monorail : Makishi Station Walk 12 minutes

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