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Taco-Rice Cafe Kijimuna

Specialized in Taco rice restaurant popular for their original “Omutaco”

One of Okinawan popular foods is “Taco rice”. It is Okinawa's original mixed dish of Tacos brought by American and the Japanese rice. Now a days, the Taco rice is topped with various vegetables and cheese making it delicious more then ever. “Kijimuna” is one of the few Taco rice specialty shops in Okinawa. It’s famous for the yummy Taco rice with special minced meat and various toppings. Among the best is the "Omutaco" that is a Taco rice topped with a fluffy soft omelet on it. It’s just a simple dish but the word of mouth lead it to be introduced on a TV program all over Japan that made is became one of the hot selling dishes! The original Omutaco is definitely a must to try!! Kijimuna Diamond Beach shop in Onna village is since 2003. Beautiful ocean-view from the windows and the hand-made furniture are just like a cozy seaside house. And the Depot Island shop in Mihama’s opened in 2010.
Zip 904-0404
Address Japan Okinawa Onna Village Seragaki 475 View map
Reserved number 098-966-8389
Open time and parking place Hours: 12:00 - 21:00 (Open every day in summer time)
Service menu ・Taco rice 650 yen
・Omutaco 750 yen
Access Okinawa Expressway: Yaka I.C. Car (open road) 10 minutes
Bus stop: Seragaki Walk 1 minute

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