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Taikenkoubou Chura-kaji

Can bring home Shisa and candles!

A workshop which can make the house guardian “Shisa” and cute “Candles” while walking around Naha Kokusai Street and Tsuboya Yachimun Street. The Shisa workshop has “Chura Shisa Making” which creates Shisa from ball of firing clay, “Chura Shisa Painting” can color afterwards, “Plaster Shisa Coloring” is enjoyable from kids to elderly, and “Shisa Accessory Making” can color small Shisas and finished them as earrings or straps. Candle workshop such as “Chura Candle Making” lays coral sands or shells on the bottom of Ryukyu glass and clear glass, combine them together with hibiscus, whale shark, glass sculpture and scent which has more than 500kinds, can take home the candle for a souvenir. While your handwork is finishing, enjoy the Okinawa Gelato or find a Shisa souvenir all made in Okinawa. The studio is inside an arcade so you can enjoy the facility comfortably in a rainy day, too.
Zip 900-0013
Address Japan Okinawa Naha City Makishi 3-6-44 View map
Reserved number 098-866-8558
Open time and parking place Hours: 11:00 - 18:00
Closed: Open all year round
Service menu ・Plaster Shisa Coloring 1,700 yen (40 min)
・Chura Shisa Making 2,200 yen (60 min) 
・Chura Shisa Painting 3,200 yen (90 min)
・Shisa Accessory Making 1,700 yen (60 min)
・Chura Candle Making 1,200 yen (60 min)
Access Naha City Monorail: Makishi Station Walk 10 minutes

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